Split Second

In the corner of the street A familiar feature On an unfamiliar figure The way it walked Head down Fast paced Phone in hand A jolt to my heart A skipping of a beat The familiarity of that pace struck me mid street In the coffee shop A masked face Glancing over the counter The... Continue Reading →


I made fries today After almost a whole year i made fries The last i did, i got done with a big exam of mine It was a happy me thing i did I used to do it alot When exams ended, on weekends, when i got time to watch my favourite show On days... Continue Reading →

A Temporary Fix

Im exhausted by life and i miss you..i miss you not in your voice..but your quiet..i miss you not in i want to hold you..but i miss and need a presence that just is..that doesnt overwhelm me..that just exists around me close to me and i cn just be..a moment of quiet when no one... Continue Reading →

When i Meet Myself

A long day of talkingto patients and colleaguesDoing stuffStimulation at the tip of my fingers as they palpate fading pulsesEyes straining to calculate rate and rhythym of racing Ecg stripsTongue folding around soft spoken words of taking grave consents, giving dying consolation or finally declaring that your dear one is no moreEars straining to hear... Continue Reading →

All the love that i gave away

Somedays i think about all the people i gave my heart toall the people i lovedAll the people i gave my words toSometimes writtenSometimes imaginary conversationsAll the people i attached songs toAll the people who stayed in figment of my thoughts day in and day outAll the people whose eyes i painted on the slate... Continue Reading →

It all Ends.

It all ends you hate it, you fight it but life pulls you along the hands on the clock dont stop and like a string tied to your ankle you are dragged you stumble you fall you claw at the barren land willing to stop but it pulls so you stagger upright you learn to... Continue Reading →

What do you write?

Do you write poetry?Umm ..i dont know..i guessWhat do you write then?I dont know, i dont think i can explainThat doesnot make any sense, you fill pages after pages they can't be about nothingI didn't say they were nothingHe laughed..so do you write sob stories? Like today june 6th i am feeling very sadI felt... Continue Reading →

The Domino Effect

All the tears on the edge of my lash a simple word with an edge...and down they splash are my eyes too weak? or the tears too much? The Case is Such: that a wound already present ..they touch and it is just the pain of old times That Floods Like the dominoes that you... Continue Reading →

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