You said i was good with words That i could fashion letters into a string of pearls You said i made stories into a melody I could tiptoe on the line between pain and symphony You said i carved emotions out of alphabets and then stringed poetry out of feelings You said i blurred the... Continue Reading →

Forever- a long time

I find something i like.. i want to keep it forever A pebble. A pen. A flower. . A person If life was a circle I would want them around for the full ride The highs the lows and all the slides But do they stay? You loose the pebble The pens runs out of... Continue Reading →


All this talk of impending change and new starts made me think of this quote and how much truth it holds. You might delay it, stretch it, prolong it. But it will catch up .. sooner or later because it is a rule. Pain. It demands to be felt.


Scene1. Restaurant and friends. Smile. Laughter. Fits. Filling the time space around a lunching table surrounded with friends and colleagues. The scene shifts. Hospital Room. Quiet voice droning in a silent room a consoling hand placed on an arm. The continuos beep of a monitor line gone straight. Scene3. Living Room. Family. Narrating the stories... Continue Reading →

How are you

It shouldn’t be an easy question An offhand one How are you You shouldn’t be allowed to ask it in a busy shopping alley Or in the middle of the day when you call someone to ask about some office work Or the first thing to someone you meet after 10 years without being in... Continue Reading →

Hey You

Not you, the person reading it The you i address all my thoughts and conversations to in my head I met you a long time back And even when i knew you. I had more conversations in my head rather than with you And well now there are no conversations to be held in person... Continue Reading →

Split Second

In the corner of the street A familiar feature On an unfamiliar figure The way it walked Head down Fast paced Phone in hand A jolt to my heart A skipping of a beat The familiarity of that pace struck me mid street In the coffee shop A masked face Glancing over the counter The... Continue Reading →


I made fries today After almost a whole year i made fries The last i did, i got done with a big exam of mine It was a happy me thing i did I used to do it alot When exams ended, on weekends, when i got time to watch my favourite show On days... Continue Reading →

A Temporary Fix

Im exhausted by life and i miss you..i miss you not in your voice..but your quiet..i miss you not in i want to hold you..but i miss and need a presence that just is..that doesnt overwhelm me..that just exists around me close to me and i cn just be..a moment of quiet when no one... Continue Reading →

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